Vision and Competency

Caregen has been focused on research and development of biomimetic peptides based on extensive protein research.
Caregen is growing up to be global no. 1 biotechnology company with globally credited its own biomimetic peptides technology by expanding R&D into diverse areas such as anti-aging, anti-pigmentation, hair growth, anti-inflammation, mouth ulcer, lipolysis, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, etc.



Korea Official Government Project Award

Project name World Class 300 R&D Supporting Project
Task name Development and Sales of cosmetics for whitening, anti-aging, hair care, inhibition of particulate matter by using Caregen’s peptides
Government department Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology
Managing company Caregen Co., Ltd.
Duration 01, January, 2018 ~ 31, December, 2022(For 5years)



Core Value



Caregen Green is a main color of Caregen CI and symbolizes a sense of growth, harmony, fruitfulness, and creativity.
It represents technological innovation and uniqueness of our products.
G in the center means Gene and symbolizes humanity. It means that we care for human health and beauty.